Working name “Wilson Goulty” 
Embodiment Photographer

2020 forced me to slow down, take my time and forced me to communicate openly and teach the people I worked with because most of them were not professionals.
The experience shooting with a couple individuals over 3 years was one of the most transformative for me in my photographic life.
It has totally changed for me the way I work with people in front of the camera.
My ability to focus on communication, trust, respect and honesty when shooting has created the ability to do more, to access more deep and real emotions with the people in front of my lens. Transparency and openness are my main goals for every shoot I do.
I enjoy teaching, and educating people on different aspects of shooting. I also have found that getting the people invested and interested in how shooting works makes better images. With the individual, we shot a lot of the time connected to the computer so we could see and review images, and discuss what we wanted to change or adapt to go deeper into the feeling or intention of the shoot.
All women are beautiful, all bodies are perfect.
Something that yoga has taught me is that you are perfect as you are in this moment and fully embodied in this time. The future has not happened and the past is over. Focusing on the now and your current body.  
Artistic Perspective
As the photographer it is my job to help you look your best. You are the boss and I am the guide. I am working for you, we have to work as a team to get the best results. 
But you are a man….
Yes, I am a man. I understand that it might be difficult for women to trust a man doing this work. All I can do is be as open and transparent as possible. You are welcome to ask me absolutely anything, I will answer all questions as honestly as I can, there may be some questions that I don’t know the answer to and I will do my best to find you an answer. Until 2020, I believed I was a-gender and asexual, I believed that I was mostly feminine. I have learnt that I actually have a masculine side as well as a well developed feminine. My journey through tantra, yoga and somatic coaching has given me so many tools and techniques I use in my photographic work to support my clients and models. I am constantly striving to upgrade my skills and add tools and techniques to my toolbox. 
For clients going deeper - lingerie or artistic nude:
I am here to ask questions, that does not mean I need to hear the answers, I need you to admit the answers to yourself. Some of these questions might be invasive or rude, I mean no offense, it is all about getting deeper into yourself to facilitate a transformation. 
I am here to be your guide. I am here to support, assist and meet your needs to the best of my ability. 
I feel my aesthetic of putting the woman in a position of power/ control in my images is very different from the majority of Japanese photographers where the woman is shot often placed in submissive  poses or somewhat derogatory/ unnatural poses. 
I have extensive experience shooting with artistic models in a variety of locations, including in nature. 
I like to shoot connect to the computer so that anyone at the shoot can see what is happening all the time. It is also really useful to show and teach. It is also a way to show how poses can evolve, by changing small things to make a big impact. Depending on locations this might not be an option. Breaking the flow of the shoot to show photos of the back of the camera often is not ideal. I totally understand that the need to see what is happening is very important. I will try to balance that need with staying in the feeling of the shoot. 
I will give homework. It is always up to you how much of yourself you commit to the process. From my own experience, the more open one is to a process the better the result. It is both interesting and educational to feel and understand why one might have blocks though. I spent the better part of a year trying to dig down into my own blocks. I invite you to question why you should be accessible all the time. I invite you to question what you are getting from social media. I invite you to connect to people in the real world more often. I would like you to consider investing time in connecting with yourself. Feel into your body and pay attention to what you truly need. Pay attention to your diet, not about the calories or the value of the food, but rather how it makes you feel after. What are the things in life that are causing stress, consider how you value them. Your life is your own, your body is your own, you are the only one in the world that can care completely for yourself. How do you care for yourself, how do you spend you free time? 
Message to my clients.
Nudity ≠ sexuality - This is the first step in someone understanding my perspective. For me (nude) women are shapes, how to light them and how to show them in the best possible way is what I am thinking about. I can appreciate the beauty of the body, I can support the woman in her exploration of herself. 
Self love and self respect are critical to having a fully embodied life. 
​​​​​​​So what does “embodiment” mean?
 Embodiment is a term that gets thrown around a lot. It is related to empowerment. 
For me, I don’t like the term empowerment because it seems to mean that the permission to feel the power comes from outside. The term “female empowerment” doesn’t make sense to me. Women are strong, they are powerful but sometimes due to life experiences and traumas, they forget how strong they are. Anyone who survives traumas is strong. In my opinion, embodiment means to remember and celebrate the process of surviving life, the good and the bad, the triumphs and failures. 
For me, yoga is not about classes it is about an approach to life. I know that what most people associate with yoga is the asana, the poses that are part of the commercial yoga classes. I started with yoga later in life, in my late 30s. I completed yoga teacher training at 41. It is a constant part of daily life now. Not just the asana but breath work, meditation and connecting to my own body. 
Another term that has a very different image from practice. It is something I first came into contact with in 2017. It was a very deep and personal experience that took me almost a year to integrate. I came back to tantra again in 2020, the pandemic gave the opportunity to study and work with practitioners and coaches online. I was able to complete a group experience as well as work one-on-one with 3 wonderful practitioners with 3 very distinct and unique approaches to working in the tantra space. The skills and practices I acquired over  years of study and work have enabled me to redesign my life and slowly make progress towards how I want to interact with the world around me. 
The work I did focused on a lot of inner work, working through past traumas and replacing toxic habits with new methods of responding and embracing the energy of creation. I was able to feel that the title of “photographer” was real without imposter syndrome. 

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