William Ishiwata aka Wilson Goulty
Born 1978
Canadian in Japan since July 2000, in rural Kyushu since 2009.
Married and one child. I do not post or talk about my wife or child. They have their own lives that do not cross over with my art.
I do not post on social media. Social media does not resonate or make sense to me. Clients are free to post their images, since they will be the owner and copyright holder.
I have been photographing since the mid 1980s with point and shoot cameras. So it is something I have been doing my whole life.

This site is optimized to be viewed on a full screen computer. When I print for clients I print on A2 ILFORD paper. My training and experience taught me that photos are mean to be viewed printed.

This site is not intended to showcase my work, it solely exists to aid people who are considering working me. I am very selective of who I will work with, I only take on clients who see the value of working with me.  I only have one client at a time and each client has 100% of my focus.

I have been published in multiple magazines. 
I have produced multiple books and magazines over the past 15 years.
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