I am here to work with individuals who want to push their boundaries and expand their understanding of themselves through photographic experiences in a safe, supportive space without fear or judgment. 
The guidance from my coaches and mentors over the years has provided me with some of the most meaningful and deepest transformations.Having someone by your side who can hold, guide and witness you as you step towards the life you desire to live is one of the most powerful processes.

My 1:1 embodied photographic sessions are designed to take you deeper into connection with yourself so that you can become more aligned with your truth, more connected to your body and view yourself in a different way than you are accustomed.
Embodiment Photographic Experiences
My ability to focus on communication, trust, respect and honesty when shooting has created the ability to do more, to access more deep and real emotions with the people in front of my lens. Transparency and openness are my main goals for every shoot I do. The feeling of safety and security are the most important for me as well as the client.
From beginning to end the client is the boss, I am there to coach, teach and introduce opportunities. While I always encourage clients to gently push up against the edges of their comfort zones, I am aware that everyone I work with is starting at a very different place in their journey, and it is my job to listen to their desires, fears and boundaries in order to meet them exactly where they are. Everyone has a different way of connecting to their own body. I am offering opportunities to try alternative ways to connect to the body in a safe space without judgment and without fear.
Everything is the client’s choice.
I like to be extremely well prepared before the shoot but then on the day of the shoot I am able to go with the flow and work with the energies and emotions that come up for the client at the time. Taking time for some yoga or meditation in the middle of the shooting day is not uncommon.
I enjoy teaching, and educating people on different aspects of shooting. I also have found that getting the people invested and interested in how shooting works makes better images. With the individual, we shot a lot of the time connected to the computer so we could see and review images, and discuss what we wanted to change or adapt to go deeper into the feeling or intention of the shoot.
Safety is always the most important point. Without a feeling of safety nothing else can happen. Trust, respect and communication are how I expect to be able to create a safe space and an open atmosphere for all of the photo shoots I am involved in. 
How to work with me:
Step One: Needs, Wants and Desires
The first step in this process, is to check and insure that we are able to work together. I need to know your expectations of the shoot and what your goals are (needs, wants and desires). This will be conducted on Zoom and will last 15 -30 minutes. Your budget will be taken into account for the planning stage. There will homework, daily embodiment practices based on your specific goals.
Step Two: Planning your session
We will go through your complete needs checklist for the shoot and determine the best way to accomplish the goals. This might require some styling or shopping as well as determining the best location to meet your needs. Based on all of these factors and in consideration of your budget we will set the price for the session. 
50% deposit required to book day
Step three: Day of Session
For studio sessions you will arrive at the studio at our scheduled time and be greeted by me. There will be the pre-shoot meeting to discuss any changes that you require based on your feeling at the time. Once you are ready, we will then get started right away by going over your outfits, your edges + boundaries, as well as any poses you had in mind.  I will also ask you to focus on how you want to feel during the session; what you are trying to step into or embody in your life that you want to shine through in these photos. There will be music, yoga, meditation, breath work or other embodiment practices, and of course lots of laughs. It is really all about making you feel supported and powerful. Your final balance for the photo session is due before or on the day of your shoot. 
Step Four: Image Review: 
On the day of the shoot there will be time to review all the photos taken. There will be time to do a selection of your favorites for editing. The edited photos as well as all the RAW data will be transferred to the client within 10 working days from the end of the shoot. If the client wishes to edit the photos themselves then the RAW data will be transferred directly to the client on the day.
No photo data will be kept after transfer to the client.
All copyright and ownership is transferred to the client.
A limited number of discounted session available for clients in Kyushu!
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the shoot last?
Plan on a full day of at least 6 - 8 hours if you are doing multiple looks or locations. Please remember that full hair and makeup can take 2 hours. Multiple makeup looks will take 2-3 hours total.  There will also be multiple breaks and time to rest in between locations or lighting setups. Working in a calm and relaxed manner is key to getting the best images, so I will make a shooting plan but will be flexible on the day of the shoot. Clear and open communication is the order of the day.
When you book your session you can choose between an in studio session or an outdoor session. My studio is located in Miyazaki, Kyushu. You are welcome to travel to the area and there are some wonderful hotels. There are some amazing locations for shooting at the beach, forests, rivers and other natural locations. All depends on the weather and time of year.  The most important thing is to make sure wherever you decide to shoot is a location that you feel safe. Being comfortable and being able to relax and focus on your senses and connection to your body.
Embodiment sessions are open to people of all genders, races, sizes, and orientations who are ready to invest in themselves and this experience.
At the moment I have worked primarily with feminine women on connecting to their divine feminine energy.
Yes! I encourage people to share their Embodiment sessions especially if they want to split the financial investment or are just nervous about the experience and feel that having someone there would make them more comfortable. I only ask that we keep the number of people under 3 unless you have a special circumstance, in which case I’m open to discussion.
Yes! Each session includes all RAW files and all edits. You will have full and complete ownership of all data, this is for the safety and security of my clients. Client's typically invest anywhere from ¥150,000-¥500,000 total into their complete experience (wardrobe, hair & make up etc).
There will be a review of images on the same day as the shoot. Selections will be made for editing (light/shadow/ highlights/ colour balance etc). Some clients will edit themselves so they get the complete data set on the day. Up to the needs and individual client.
I adjust the lighting and color of my images but I do not do any heavy skin retouching or body modification. Some clients request to have zero retouching and I am so here for that! But I also understand everyone is at a different place in their self-love journey, so I will absolutely "soften" skin and edit anything that is temporary and distracting such as blemishes or bruises. Please remember that you will have the RAW data and all edits, further editing is up to you.
My studio is located in Miyazaki, Kyushu and I am able to travel around JAPAN. I am frequently in Kansai and Kanto, but I will travel anywhere in the country. Reach out for a custom travel quote!
Yes, When you book a session, you are hiring a professional photographer with over 15 years of experience. I am a fully trained yoga instructor and am committed to constantly upgrading my skills (working in tantra, somatic body work, meditation, breath work and aromatherapy) I focuses on mindful embodiment and can help you find poses that feel natural and comfortable for you body. You may feel out of your comfort zone but as long as you feel safe and secure in the environment then play, testing and
Yes, Your session allows time for up to 3-4 outfits. Prior to your session, we will work together to complete outfits and styling for your looks to reach your desired goals with the session. 
No. I offer nude sessions only to clients I have worked with at least once before. Usually clients will consider nude/ semi nude after multiple shoots. It is something that most people have to work up to. From experience it can be the most freeing experience. 
Another option is to work with one of the artists and create a body art experience. From personal experience with it, it allows for a different connection to the body and to view the body differently than an artistic nude shoot. 
Your images are your property and you hold the copyright for them. I NEVER keep client images after the client has accepted them. There are no backups and cards are formatted. This is why all of the photos on my sites are paid models, the ones on this site are models who I treated like clients, the format of the shoots were as I shoot clients.
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